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Your body is precious. It is your vehicle. Treat it with care.


Your body is the most sophisticated 'machine' that you will ever own, and as a living reflection of your mind it is what connects you to the outside world. Body awareness is essential for quality of life and happiness. It is when we deny ourselves long enough, that we are faced with poor health and even disease. You can compare your body to a vehicle – only with no warranty and no option to trade-in, and in addition, you will only receive one in a lifetime! We all know this but do your actions and choices reflect this knowledge?


Like a vehicle, your body requires insurance, maintenance and repairs to carry you through a lifetime. You need to pay more attention to maintaining the general health of your body which will inevitably improve the quality of your current and future life. Take responsibility for your own health and fitness. View this responsibility as power, and not hardship. There is no magic trick or secret involved. You have the power of choice, and your decisions will affect your health and the way you age.


Many have been led to believe that as you age, you must slow down and your health must decrease. This is not true. Choosing to stay active today and tomorrow will result in your ability to continue to be fit and active as you age. There is no predetermined fate for everyone. You can make the decision today to ease into old age while maintaining your quality of life, or you can choose to stumble into senility with the assistance of a cane or walker. The choice is yours.


Your body will not lead you to enlightenment, but it can become an obstacle on the path to enlightenment, which is your life purpose. Be honest with yourself. How important is your health and fitness to you? Does your lifestyle reflect your values on health and fitness? How do you want to ease into old age? Do you want a cane, a walker, or are you determined to maintain a fit and active lifestyle? I choose to get stronger and healthier as I ease in to old age, and my current lifestyle reflects my decision and values. It is never too late to improve your health and your future quality of life. Remember that you only get one body in this life. Take responsibility for your health today, and use your power of choice to create a healthy and fit body that will last a lifetime.


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