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The principle of life



After being faced with a life changing experience, I started questioning life and death. Who are we and why are we here? I started observing my own life, my own reactions and responses to the daily life obstacles we all face. Over time it became clear to me that we are all on this earth for a purpose. That purpose is to go beyond our minds, which is a product of EGO (Everybody's Got One) and to discover our true authentic selves. 


Why don't you change?  Ask yourself this question seriously and deeply. What prevents you? 

We can be or do anything we want. We are bound by nothing. It is only the limitations on which we place on ourselves which prevent us from manifesting and living our dreams. 


What are you passionate about? You will not find that passion in 'things'. Objects give us part-time happiness. The passion I am talking about and that everyone seeks is found within ourselves. 

We are born, we grow up and we are exposed to the world through the experiences of our parents, our siblings, our friends and others' perceptions which through our limited minds, we adopt as to how we deal with our own life obstacles and experiences. There are too many expectations, too many rules, too many pathways. Who says that what others think is the truth or the 'right' way?? Why should we accept things as they are? Most of us are living our lives in auto-pilot, with not even being aware of, or knowing who we really are. Simply surviving and not living. Wake up, breakfast, go to work, lunch break, more work, come home, dinner, sometimes more work, TV, bed... repeat, repeat, repeat. This is unfulfilling! It's about time we all start to do things on our own terms.  


The secret to happiness is finding what we love and to do it well. To give it our everything. Give it our best shot. Give it our heart and our soul. And most importantly, to know this.... we ourselves are the only ones who can do this for ourselves. "We are the teacher, we are the pupil, we are the master, we are the leader, we are the Guru, we are everything!"















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