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Relationship Yoga Sessions

The biology of life. There is no deeper love.

Introducing my daughter to yoga was a blessing! for me and for her. Jade travelled with me on my second trip to Mysore India, the 'hub of Ashtanga Yoga'  in 2014 to study at KPJAYI (Krishna Patthabi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute) and to experience the life of yoga. When I say the 'life of yoga', I mean not just the physical part ('asanas' which are an amazing by-poduct of the incredible, almost instant, introduction to reuniting with yourself). She studied with Saraswathi Jois, Patthabhi Jois's daughter (P. Jois brought the Ashtanga Yoga a to the western world),  but more importantly she was exposed to philosophy and meditation where,  I saw,  before my very own eyes... Jade transforming as she started to contemplate the meaning of her life, who she is and what her purpose for. Once we start to firstly know oursevles, who we are?, then accept our selves and understand our selves deeply, do we then start to bring positivity, love, respect, abundance.... and all that we all dream of having and being  

Yoga has brought us closer in so many ways. It has given us all the benefits which I've listed below.... 

Practicing with Jade has inspired me to bring other people together. Moms and kids, dads and the kids, the whole family together, just moms and dads, grandparents, couples.....or whoever that would like to treat themselves to probably the best gift they would ever like to give themselves....'the gift of life'! 

These speciality sessions are designed to encourage a mutual respect for eachother, with a fun opportunity to strengthen the special bond, positive communication and trust between parents, parents and kids, siblings, couples, friends, grandparents and anyone else looking for the opportunity to heighten special relationships as we learn yoga techniques and have a ton of fun! Human bonding is the process of development of a close, interpersonal relationship. Come away with a new perspective of each other and many healthy and peaceful ideas to practice at home. Open to all levels, no yoga experience is necessary.


Relationship Yogapromotes the opportunity to laugh, relax and spend quality time together. Whilst building foundations of exceptional learning and a lifetime of health and wellness, you will develop everything that we all desire from our partners, families and loved ones.


Benefits of Relationship Yoga:


  • A togetherness in focused awareness of the present moment 

  • You will discover and see yourselves through a different light

  • Acceptance and mutual understanding of one another 

  • Mindfulness and deeper love for eachother

  • Respect and patience towards eachother 

  • Confidence and trust in one another

  • Partner work

  • Compassionate touch

  •  the opportunity to reflect together

  • The importance of proper breathing and how to relax when feeling stressed out!

  • ..... and much, much more!!


Benefits of Yoga for Relationship Yoga, teens and kids:


  • Learn valuable skills for relieving exams and pre-performance stress

  • Improves strength, flexibility and range of motion and reduce incidents of injury

  • Develops stability, balance, co-ordination, posture and agility

  • Cultivates a healthy body image

  • Boosts confidence and self-esteem

  • Improves focus and concentration

  • Cope with anxieties about school, the social scene and opinions of peers

  • Increase focus and concentration abilities

  • Improve communication skills so as to feel confident to express true feelings 

  • Be a respectful friend and sibling 

  • Embrace self love and self care and take routine quiet time to relax and “listen” to your own wisdom

  • ....and generally helps children ultimately do better at home, at school and in life.


The goal in my classes is to touch upon these important topics and to give you the chance to be heard  and listen, whilst having fun doing it. Conscious Evolvement is all about self-acceptance, love, laughter and appreciation for life!


Class will end with an 8-10 minute quiet relaxation to promote integration and an overall sense of peace and well being. 



Imagine this...


  • You are living each day feeling calm, with more clarity and peace of mind

  • You have more passion and vitality and actually love how you look!

  • You are living each day with more clarity and presence with your partner, your children, loved ones and co-workers

  • You handle challenging situations with balanced, thoughtful responses, instead of impulsive reactions

  • You feel more efficient at work and with your daily tasks, almost like time has slowed down

  • You are now living at your highest potential, physically, emotionally and spiritually…finally!





Eliminate Your Stress, Get fit and Feel great in 30 days- guaranteed!

Move your body, free your mind and let your spirit soar all while having fun and celebrating your life. 











































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