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Soul to Soul Therapy

Supporting you to flourish

Any kind of trauma as a result of a stressful life change, causes us grief. It causes a sad, discontented mood and can leave one feeling depressed, lethargic, unmotivated, or hopeless. Grief can shake everything up - your beliefs, your personality, and even your sense of reality. The symptoms associated with grief, when feeling emotionally overwhelmed is normal and temporaryBe it: 


  • Mourning the death of a loved one

  • Decline in health 

  • Separation or divorce 

  • Job loss or change 

  • Financial instability

  • Relocation 

  • Loss of a pet 

  • Fall out with a friend or somebody special in your life 

  • Teens struggling with pressures of life

  • OR.... Anything else that may be bothering you in this crazy game we call life!


Through my own life experiences, mourning, grief, losses and struggles, and through my dedicated commitment to self introspection, the study of yoga (union of the self, the body and mind), philosophy, meditation, theta healing and many other modalities, I offer you counselling, therapy and support which will bring you a variety of positive benefits that will enhance your life greatly. Together we will explore your worries, in a safe environment which will help make you feel less alone and more able to sort out your thoughts in a productive way.


The benefits you will gain:


  • An understanding of the mourning process

  • Explore areas that could potentially prevent you from moving on

  • Help resolve areas of conflict still remaining

  • Help you to adjust to a new sense of self

  • Create a greater degree of self-awareness and improve your self-esteem

  • The opportunity to talk freely and openly without being judged 

  • The chance to explore feelings and sensitive issues that are troubling you 

  • Help in understanding the factors that may be contributing to your difficulties 

  • Support in finding your own solutions and new ways of coping

  • Improve your self-knowledge, well being, health, and clarity of mind

  • IN OTHER yourself, honour yourself.... AND BE YOUR GREAT AMAZING SELF!


Life will feel more enjoyable and fun! You will feel better about yourself and who you are. You will have direction, goals, confidence, and be able to achieve them. 















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