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Conscious Evolvement 
 Evolving by choice not chance


Tanya Golad, a transformational guide, gemologist, devoted wife, mother of two, animal lover, and avid gardener is also a dedicated practitioner and teacher of the traditional Ashtanga Yoga method.

Commitment and passion to the practice has led her to travel annually to Mysore India for over a decade, to study at the source with her teacher and lineage holder, Paramaguru Sharath Jois.


Tanya has a very clear and compassionate teaching style, committed to working with all levels and ages of students including students with compromised health issues and adverse situations. With precise attention to detail, alignment and breath, she also encourages her students to embrace the contemplative aspect of the practice, cultivating mindfulness, inner stillness and freedom from daily suffering.  --- Women of Ashtanga.

"I believe that healing, through self awareness, self love, self acceptance, taking full responsibility for what is going on in our lives and bringing ourselves back into alignment, is a big part of everyone’s soul purpose here. Some people don’t bother with healing until they’re presented with an ultimatum by their body.
We have been led to believe that when we get sick, it is our genetics, or just bad luck and that doctors alone hold the key to optimal health.

Our bodies are equipped with natural self-repair mechanisms that are under the influence of thoughts, feelings and beliefs that originate in our minds. Healthy mind... healthy body.
Yoga teaches you a way of life that recognizes the mind, body, soul connection.
Establishing this connection to our inner most self, we promote a healthy relationship with ourselves.
It is my mission, that through my own personal experience and intense yoga studies and training, I can help, inspire and provide the necessary tools so that others may find peace with themselves and discover their life mission and therefore, achieve their dreams and become fulfilled. Too many people are in so much pain in some form or shape whether it be depression, unhappiness, emptiness, with the most serious, being disease. The tools that I am sharing deal with all these various states."
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